Residential & Services Projects.

The company has implemented housing projects for residential and service complexes, such as the Babylon Residential Complex, consisting of 504 apartments and including infrastructure works such as roads, water, electricity, sewage, and communication networks, as well as site services such as a mosque, schools, and gardens. The company has also introduced modern construction techniques, such as limestone bricks and colored blocks, in its projects. To achieve its goal of building residential and service complexes in the future, the company built a complex for the production of precast walls and ceilings (known as precast factories) in the Middle Euphrates region to become one of the company’s main sources for expanding its work in the residential and service projects sector.

The size of the residential and service projects related to the country’s (Iraq’s) infrastructure that the company has implemented and is working on implementing has exceeded $350 million. The most important of these include:

– The Babylon residential complex
– Expansion of training schools in Baladruz (phases one, two, and three)
– Maintenance of the residential complex with the installation of drinking water purification stations in Al-Nu’maniyah base
– Construction expansions for training schools in Diwaniyah, Abu Ghraib, Al-Mahawil, Al-Ba’aj, and Baqubah
– Maintenance for locomotive repair workshops in Samawah
– Maintenance for 125 schools in Baghdad
– Headquarters for coastal guards in Um Qasr
– Construction of buildings for the Najaf refinery
– Construction of training schools in Al-Hillah
– Maintenance of local government buildings in Karbala
– Four training schools in Samawah, Nasiriyah, and Amara
– Multi-story vehicle parking building in Amara
– City of visitors
– Entrance to Karbala
– Commercial exchange point in Zarbatia
– Electricity buildings in Baghdad