Our group of Iraqi specialized and large companies in the fields of construction, commerce, and industry are well-known. The group owns several operating companies that execute giant large projects in Iraq, including cities, sports stadiums, large bridges, overpasses, numerous buildings, residential complexes, schools, and private structures for the ministries of defense and interior. Additionally, the group has started to execute prefabricated buildings and possesses specialized laboratories, equipment, a fleet of transportation, and specialized equipment. The group is also proud of its consulting, engineering, and technical institutions, exceptional technical staff, and prestigious history in design and execution. Our group is considered one of the large companies that have branches throughout and specialized companies outside Iraq, including London, Jordan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, China, and Kuwait. The company possesses unique specialized equipment in executing concrete, steel, and suspension bridges, as well as specialized production workshops and offices in several countries worldwide to provide imported specialized materials from well-known sources worldwide.

  • Al Rayyan for Investment and Real Estate Development
  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Urgu Energy Group. -Al Oula for Lime Industry and Oil Services.